Course 1: Personal Publicity for Greater Career Success  

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Have you ever wondered why everyone is not successful if all of us have the potential to be exceptionally good at something? It certainly boggles the mind and makes us ponder on the unfairness of the situation. 

This theory applies to everyone and everything; on all the products that are remarkable, all the businesses that are extraordinary, and all the individuals who are brilliant.

Why aren’t more people aware of them?

Why are they not getting the attention and respect they deserve?

Why would people even think of depriving themselves of such lucky things?  

The answer to all of these questions is painfully obvious. It’s because these people and these businesses haven’t done their marketing right. They have missed out on one key component, and that is publicity. 

The command to not hide your light under a bushel is true for every business and every individual out there. 

It’s impossible for any trade, big or small, to survive without publicity. Nor can anyone get to the position they want without publicizing themselves. After all, it is one of the key components of marketing strategies. Without it, the marketing plan would be highly lacking.

 As we get caught in our hectic schedules, we often neglect the need to position ourselves favorably in the eyes of our stakeholders and key collaborators.  While we are successful in all our own craft, we failed to build on our personal profile and branding in the long run.

As an aspiring professional, influencer, student or entertainer who is working towards finding more success in life, getting the right amount of publicity in the public & media domain is of paramount importance. With the increased interest in social media, we are also seeing more opportunities to snag additional publicity from this platform.

 So how should we get more publicity amidst our busy schedule? Dennis Toh will share his tips on how you can snag more publicity for yourself and  your business; both to increase your brand equity & to find opportunities to catapult yourself to further stardom.

Course 2: Leverage on Social Media Marketing For your Business during Covid19

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We live in a world of rapidly expanding communications options and shifting consumer information preferences. Social media is a revolution and is conquering our lives in a fast and furious way. It has infiltrated into all facets of our lives before we even know it. Our lives have changed. So are our media habits and consumption.

Consumer behavior is defined as the behavior that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. Our consumer behavior has been altered with the advent of social media.

What are then the challenges faced by Marketers today? How do we better engage our customers and ensure brand loyalty in the long run? What are also some strategies we can adopt to leverage on social media during Covid19 in our marketing campaigns?

In this session, we uncover the latest on social media and how we can best use social media as a tool to engage existing customers and to reach out to a wider target audience.

Course 3: Marketing 101 in modern business

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Big and Successful Brands have one thing in common: They are strongly customer focused and heavily committed to marketing. These companies share a passion in satisfying customer needs in well-defined target markets.  Marketing is the art and science of communicating with customers. It is aimed at attracting new customers by promising superior value and to keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction.

 The purpose of this training course is to allow non-marketers to become familiar with the basics of marketing and to help them incorporate this all-important aspect in their daily decisions. This course also sets out to improve relations between the marketing department and all other departments in the company. Good knowledge of marketing promotes better mutual understanding, improved communication and, as a result, a more fruitful exchange.

Course 4: Power up your Influencer Business

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 ‘So you want to be an Influencer’ series is a wildly fun, creatively smart, one-day workshop tailored to aspiring influencers and bloggers who want to break into the blogging & Influencer scene in a fast and furious manner.

Everything you ever wanted to know about starting a blog, blogging strategy, personal branding, monetization, brand personality, blogging etiquettes and so much more is covered in this workshop!

We provide personalized guidance, big loads of motivation and an incredible level of inspiration for you to kickstart and sustain your blogging career.

 Being a Blogger is easy. Sustaining and making a name for yourself is definitely an uphill task!