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An academic, PR Professional and Actor, Dennis graduated from NTU, Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information with a Master of Mass Communications in 2006. He has been teaching marketing and mass media subjects for the last 10 years. Before entering into academia, he was the marketing head for a Specialist Healthcare Company.

He has taught in Curtin Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic, MDIS, MIS, IPRS and Aventis School of Managament.

He was an ex owner of Feet Haven Reflexology, a foot massage business, and runs a social media network, The Influencer Network.

Dennis has been actively involved in the acting and modeling scene in Singapore in the last 5 years. Recently, he wrote a book '101 ways to get publicity for success' in 2019.

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Current Teaching Assignments

Dennis Toh has been an academic for close to 12 years. For the last 12 years, even though he ventured into business and acting, he never stopped teaching. He is currently an adjunct lecturer with Curtin Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic, Kaplan Singapore and Management Development Institute of Singapore.

Curtin Singapore

Curtin Singapore

Bachelor of Commerce - Digital Marketing Strategy ; Public Relations in Society [Current]

Bachelor of Commerce - Advertising Campaign Development, Strategic Advertising, Account Planning, Advanced Digital Media Planning

Bachelor of Arts - Digital Economy; Social Media, Network & Communities



University of Portsmouth - Entertainment Industries; Web Technologies

University of Portsmouth - Supervision of Final Dissertation

University of Portsmouth - Media and Propaganda

University of Sunderland - Practical PR, Strategy and Theory

University of Sunderland - Media Ethics

Teeside University - Making it in the Media

Higher Diploma - Advertising Planning & Management; PR Management

Kaplan Singapore

Kaplan Singapore

Diploma - Social Media Marketing

Diploma - Advertising & Promotions [Current]

University of Murdoch - Media Power and Ethics [Current]

University of Murdoch - Web Media Literacy [Current]

Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic

Diploma in Business - Principles of Management [Current] / Adult Learners

Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management - Club Management & Events Management [Current]

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We know everyone has different learning speed and strategies. At Dennis Toh Media Academy, the vision is to empower every individual with fundamental and updated knowledge and training on marketing and media management.

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I will conduct complimentary Webinars and Youtube videos on selected topics. The objectives of such trainings are to introduce the topic and give an overview of the curriculum. A complimentary PDF reading will also be given to all attendees.

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  • Marketing 101 for non-Marketing Executives
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  • Boost Your Media Literacy Level
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TESTIMONIAL - I was in his digital marketing strategy class. He was the most enthusiastic person, i have ever seen teaching about a topic. He gives real world examples and make us realize how this unit will shape the way, we use digital technology. Through his teaching approach, he clearly made us understand what we need to do in this unit and was readily available for any queries. All i had was a fun filled and positive experience during his lectures."

Dennis, thank you for being an inspiration. You always come into class with a smile, and are always able to make people speak up, and have an opinion because having one is vital to be successful in the future. thank you for taking your time to hear your students out, help them think better for themselves whether it is for academic or personal issues. you do not judge or insult but you definitely make me think of the outcomes of my actions. TESTIMONIAL

TESTIMONIAL - From Dennis's class, I learned a lot about digital marketing strategy. Some of the digital marketing tactics I learned in this class were (1) SEO - (Websites and Blogs). (2) Content Marketing - (Blog Posts and Online Brochures). (3) Social Media Marketing - Promoting brands and content on social media to increase brand awareness (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). (4) PPC - pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked (Google Ads).


Social Media Marketing | Public Relations Management | Media Relations | Influencer Marketing | SEM/SEO | Lead Generation | Facebook Advertising | Instagram Advertising | Personal Branding | Facebook Live Shows | Entrepreneurship | Marketing Management | Financial Management | Building Multiple Income

Other roles


Dennis Toh is currently a University Lecturer with four Higher Learning Institutions in Singapore. He specialises in subjects like Media Studies, Advertising & Promotions, Public Relations and Social Media Marketing.



Dennis Toh has been working in the entertainment scene for the last 5 years. He has been featured in more than 20 commercials in Singapore, and has been involved in theatre plays and dramas in Singapore.


Dennis Toh has published his first book '101 Ways to get Publicity' in 2019. He hopes to encourage self employed and individuals to understand the importance of Personal Branding, through this book. He is also an editor.

Past Businesses

Feet Haven Reflexology

Dennis Toh was running a Foot Massage Business from 2012 to 2020. He sold his last outlet in Jan 2020, 18 days before the pandemic. He has built the brand from scratch, till at its peak, 3 outlets. The outlet has been well received by the media and customers. Much of the success was due to his knowledge and experience in marketing, PR and social media marketing.

The Influencer Network

Dennis Toh opened The Influencer Network in 2013 together with Blogger Friend William Tan. They saw the potential of blogging and social media marketing and gathered a pool of influencers to join the agency. TIN was once piqued as the third agency behind NN and GC. The group has now been turned into an online agency. Access via www.influencersg.com



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